Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt: Do They Actually Hate Each Other?!

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Do people love Jennifer Lawrence? Yes, of course they do -- approximately 99.9% of humans absolutely adore her. Look it up.

Do people love Chris Pratt? Yes, of course they do -- though we're not prepared to throw out statistics, since that weird, sad story about his and Anna Faris' dog kind of threw us all for a loop.

So you take Jennifer and Chris, who are both hilarious and attractive and goofy and lovely, you throw them in a movie together, and it'll be great, right?

They'll make best friends, everyone will be very happy, and nothing bad could ever possibly come from it.

And for a while, it was like that. They did Passengers, they've been promoting Passengers, and it's been good.

But then, this happened.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt

J Law and C Pratt did a little interview for BBC, and this video you're about to see contains nearly five straight minutes of the two of them swapping insults.

Jen goes after his intelligence, his toughness, and she even brings his family into it -- his adorable wife, Anna, and their three-year-old son, Jack.

Meanwhile, Chris is absolutely BRUTAL about her career, and her appearance.

Check out the fight in the clip below:

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Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt
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