Jennifer Aydin Friggen Throws Forks, Knives at Melissa Gorga!! WTF?!

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Viewers loved seeing Jennifer Aydin talk to her mom about her gay brother. But being good to your sibling doesn't mean that you can't be shady.

Jennifer had a major bone to pick with Jackie Goldschneider, and she ended up hurling utensils across the table at Melissa Gorga. Yikes.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 9 Cast

As is so often the case for Real Housewives of any locale, it was vacation time for the ladies of New Jersey.

Jackie Goldschneider invited her castmates to her beachfront property in the Hamptons.

She reports that each year, upkeep on the property costs her a whopping $80,000, but that she reaps $120,000 in return.

Jennifer Aydin hadn't realized the kind of money and investments that Jackie was making, and spent the whole time wide-eyed.

jennifer aydin bad behavior 01

Naturally, Jennifer bombarded Jackie with invasive financial questions about her family money and properties that she owns, etc.

When the ladies split up to go shopping, however, Jennifer's awe turned to shade as she spoke to Margaret Josephs.

Jennifer expressed how surprised she was that Jackie didn't throw her kids "better" birthday parties with all of the money that she has.

Jackie is a private person, so it looks like Jennifer concluded from Jackie throwing normal birthday parties that she didn't have much money.

Jackie Goldschneider Speaks

So when Jennifer started ranting about the pizza at the party being sub-par, Margaret sort of pivoted.

She told Jennier that Jackie isn't cheap, she just doesn't think or care about food very much.

We have to say that everyone felt pretty uncomfortable with their jokes that followed.

Jackie has suffered from eating disorders in the past, folks. That's not really funny.

Margaret Josephs On The Real Housewives of New Jersey

The ladies met up after for a group lunch, which is when Margaret -- when Jennifer was elsewhere -- spilled the birthday party criticisms to Jackie.

"She said that out loud?" Melissa Gorga wondered, also aloud, which is kind of funny.

"For Jennifer, it's this mentality of like, it's all about how much money she spends on things," Margaret reasoned. "And for me, it's not."

Jackie confronted Jennifer: "You're implying that I got cheap with the party that I threw my children because I didn't feed you gourmet food during it?"

Jackie Goldschneider and Jennifer Aydin Fight

For the record, her kids requested the pizza and Nutella cake. 

Better to give your kids what they ask for than to flex on overpriced food they don't want.

Jennifer immediately got defensive, arguing: "The kids of course don't care. The adults care!"

"Do you think I give a s--t?" Jackie fired back. "Lower your mouth!"

Dolores Catania Promotes RHONJ

This is when Dolores Catania attempted to weigh in and make peace.

"Not everybody aspires to spend thousands of dollars on the parties that I have done," Dolores argued.

She added: "[Jennifer] has done, [Teresa Giudice] has done, and [Melissa] has done."

"Okay, so then it's fair to say that she didn't wanna spend the money!" Jennifer challenged, clearly doubling down. 

jennifer aydin bad behavior 04

Jennifer insisted: "Take the stick out of your ass and enjoy life for a while!"

Jackie reminded her that she spends her money where, when, and however she likes. That's how money works.

"So you spend it on yourself and not your kids' parties?" Jennifer exclaimed, clearly missing the message. 

A furious Jackie (who likes being told that they're a selfish parent?) retorted: "I don't spend it just to impress people."

Margaret Josephs is Furious

When Margaret waded into the fray to reprimand Jennifer, it backfired spectacularly.

"She's the one who keeps saying that you have an issue with food also!" Jennifer accused, pointing the finger at Margaret.

She added: "She's the one who made jokes about your not eating!"

Jackie was visibly hurt by this for obvious reasons. Margaret immediately apologized, and Jackie accepted the apology.

Melissa Gorga Says Hands Off Her Marriage

Melissa almost went overboard defending Jackie.

"Just so you know, the way you, me, us girls who throw lavish parties, guess who's winning?" This motherf--ker right here," she argued.

Melissa reasoned: "Because she's a saver. She's very smart. She's not about the show."

"In the long run, you watch whose children are set up nice in 30 years," she pointed out. "We're losers. She's winning."

jennifer aydin bad behavior 03

Jennifer, who started this whole thing by making fun of the pizza at a child's birthday party, flipped out.

"Why don't you shut the f--k up?! Are you saying my kids are not gonna be successful in 30 years?!" she challenged.

Melissa was astounded that this was somehow Jennifer's takeaway.

"Bitch, what are you talking about?" Melissa asked.

jennifer aydin bad behavior 02

"First of all, don't call me bitch. Bitch, don't call me a bitch!" Jennifer screeched.

She demanded that Melissa "Take two steps back and take a f--king breather."

Melissa had become sidetracked a little, at this point, chatting with Dolores. That did not diffuse the situation?

"Hello? Hello? Hello?!" Jennifer shouted, and then began throwing bits of things, including utensils, at Melissa like an enraged chimpanzee.

melissa gorga standing fury

Melissa snapped, jolting up to standing. "I swear to God!"

"Walk away. Walk away! I'm telling you... Don't you ever!" Melissa warned her.

Dolores physically restrained Melissa (well, she did her best).

Melissa urged Teresa to take hold of Jennifer and "get her the f--k out of here now."

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