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Jenelle, Jenelle, Jenelle. If you want to regain custody of your son Jace, you should probably start acting a little more responsible.

While she’s come a long way since her days of drug addiction, there are certain rules most moms just know, like don’t let your kid have Coke before bedtime.

(Coca-Cola, to be clear. Not, ya know, the other coke. But don’t give your kid that, either.)

In the preview clip for Teen Mom 2 below, Jenelle’s mom Barbara comes to pick up six-year-old Jace and finds Jenelle in a state of exhaustion.

“I’m not going to be able to do this," she tells her mom. "I had like, four, hours of sleep because everyone had caffeine all night and didn’t go to sleep until like 2 a.m.”

She explained that she and boyfriend David Eason went to dinner, and when they came home they discovered Jace had gotten into the soda.

“We came back home and they were still awake,” Jenelle continued. “I ordered pizza for them and I had Coke in the refrigerator that was mine and Jace was drinking it.”

This send Babs over the edge. 

“When Jace comes you’ve got to hide the Coke!” she tells her daughter.

Barbara then takes a very cranky Jace and struggles to get him in his car seat. The boy kicks the car and screams at his grandmother.

"I’m tired!!" he yells from the back seat.

“Every time you come from Mommy’s house you’re mean,” she tells him.

Jenelle is in the middle of a custody battle with Barbara, who is currently Jace’s legal guardian.

Giving your son caffeine isn’t the worst offense ever, but the girl’s gotta step it up if she’s going to convince the courts she can handle her son.