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By now, we have all seen Jen Shah lash out at her castmates on screen and on social media.

For very good reasons, Jen is not the most sympathetic figure in the Real Housewives franchise right now.

The newest episode does show why she’s taking aim at her castmates, however.

Being the center of attention is not always a good thing, and it turned her Pho lunch into a nightmare.

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As you can see in the clip that we included of the Pho lunch, Jen Shah was not having a good time.

But when Mary Cosby insisted that she did not speak at all about Jen’s arrest, Heather Gay could not keep from cracking up.

No one could. Mary had gone above and beyond in terms of what she said about Jen.

Photo via Bravo

Meanwhile, Jen was visibly uncomfortable.

“I don’t know if I needed to be here for the first seven courses of the pho lunch,” she said.

It had less to do with Jennie Nguyen’s International Peace Gardens meal and more to do with the conversation.

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“You guys are fighting over who said the most worst thing about me,” Jen complained to the camera.

“I already feel like a piece of s–t," she added.

Jen suggested: "You don’t need to do this with me here."

"Y’all could have invited me for just the dessert course," Jen complained.

Many of us may have felt like that a time or two in our lives.

That said … very few have been accused of and arrested for defrauding hundreds of elderly victims.

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Mary insisted more than once that she had not participated in badmouthing Jen when she was not there to defend herself.

Bravo of course followed Mary’s claim with an extended flashback video.

In that video, Mary said the most about Jen and her scandal, and none of it was flattering.

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Mary had openly questioned Jen’s claims of innocence.

In her opinion, she announced to her castmates, Jen was merely "reaping" what she had sown.

And then there was what Mary told the confessional cameras.

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“Do I hope she’s innocent? Yeah," Mary confided to viewers.

"But do I think Jen is innocent? No," she said.

"We’re talking about the FBI, Homeland Security," Mary continued. "And, yeah, no.”

Lisa Barlow

Lisa Barlow, among others, called out Mary for her "fake" support of Jen.

It was considerably two-faced of her, and she let her have it.

Finally, a frustrated Jen exclaimed: "You guys, just stop!"

Jen Shah Breaks Down

Jennie confirmed that Lisa’s statements were correct.

“I sat next to you! This is what you said. You said, ‘I believe she did it,’” she scolded Mary.

“You talked about it as much as we did," she accused. "Don’t lie, Mary! Don’t lie. I was right next to you.”

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This eventually led to Jennie, who had planned the event in the first place, excusing Mary from the table.

Mary took her up on her "invitation," leaving the table.

She was followed by Meredith Marks, who — though no friend to Jen, is friends with Mary and has defended her in the past.

Mary Cosby

That move did nothing to change the topic of conversation.

Lisa admitted: “I still probably have PTSD from that day."

To that, Jen replied: “You don’t think I do?” Ultimately, she left the table and almost made nice with Mary.