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If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, then you almost certainly hate James Kennedy with a burning passion that sometimes keeps you up nights. (Okay, maybe that’s just us.)

Anyway, James is a douche, and he may finally be getting what’s coming to him. Unfortunately, he may be dragging the mega-hot (and actually likeable) Lala Kent down with him.

James and Lala’s relationship makes zero sense, since, as we said, Lala is super hot, and James is a serious Douche of the Year contender.

But for whatever reason, they’re still dating, and the two of them appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live earlier this week to discuss their relationship and James’ douchiness.

Unfortunately, it seems they had a cocktail or 12 before they went sat for their interview, and as you can see in the clip below, they cursed up a storm on live TV.

Andy was reportedly seriously pissed about James and Lala’s behavior, which may mean trouble for both of them, as Andy is not only the host of the show, he’s also an executive producer of Vanderpump Rules and the president of the Bravo network.

“Producers were livid with both of them,” a source close to the network told Radar Online. “James and Lala’s press interviews lined up for the next day were all canceled, and they were booked on an early flight back.”

“They haven’t heard the end of it,” the source adds.

James and Lala both tweeted apologies to Andy and the network, but insiders say it may be too little, too late.

No matter what happens, you know James is sweating it out right now, and trembling, stuttering James Kennedy is the best james Kennedy.