James Corden Drops The Mic On Anne Hathaway's Awful British Accent

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If you haven't gotten around to seeing One Day with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, don't.

Just read the book, an absolutely fantastic story of two destined souls that spares us from the Oscar winner's unbearable, crap attempts at an accent.

On May 24th, The Late Late Show host James Corden (an actual Brit) brought this up during a Drop The Mic rap battle, in which opponents take digs at one another with very clever lyrics.

“This isn’t just for me it’s for the whole U.K. mad at your awful British accent in the movie One Day," Corden rapped in Hathaway's face.


He also criticized that time she hosted the 2011 Oscars with James Franco, a night every single viewer and audience member would prefer to forget.

"I won't lose this to an imposter, it's more likely they'll ask you to again host the Oscars."


Instead of running off stage in tears (as I would have), Hathaway fought back.

"I say your rhymes are like your ratings, they are incredibly weak."

Go on...

"You look like a KFC bucket with a lot of extra breast."

"You're more full of s*** than a kitty litter box."

Alright, enough of this.

After the battle, Corden and Hathaway chatted about the movie in a more civilized manner.  And since Sturgess was also a guest on the show (he's promoting Feed The Beast on AMC), it was the perfect opportunity for two representatives of the UK to call out the American imposter.

Corden noted that Hathaway's accent wasn't necessarily "traditional," then giggled as he asked her how her attempts worked out.

"I've heard not well," she admitted.  "It was so painful man."

'I was like 'I'll get there' and I guess I never got there."

In fact, one reading left the cast and crew in "complete silence," Hathaway admitted.

Watch Hathaway and Corden rap it out in the video below.

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