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If you ask the ladies right now, the Dad Bod is hot.

That is, men with shabby bodies are the new trend in masculine hotness. 

Move over Calvin Klein models. Forget the weights.  Forget the package-hugging briefs.  Women want loose skin and flabby, hairy bellies. 

Think John Hamm, Seth Rogen, Vince Vaughn.  Sure, these guys are attractive, but is the dad body something men should be striving for?

Yes!  Other dudes are hot too, but at least these guys are real.  The guy in the video might not be Magic Mike, but he is a normal dude, who apparently has a good sense of humor.

This is a stark contrast to the standards for feminine beauty—where women are held to increasing and impossible standards.  Here’s to hoping the Mom Bod becomes the new standard!

Maybe the best thing about the Dad Bod is that it doesn’t come with the douchey, bro personality that often accompanies the gym rats.

We hope…