Inspiring Cat Rescue: Caught on Camera!

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We don't know how the cat featured in the following video got stuck on a tiny ledge, 12 stories off the ground.

All we know is that the feline had basically no chance at surviving the ordeal...

... until an unnamed human stepped in with a homemade invention.

cat rescue 1

In the footage below, you can see officers on the ground, ready with a big blanket stretched out just in case things went wrong. But let's be serious:

They likely would not have saved this kitten's life.

No, that job was left to a heroic neighbor, who risked his or her own life by leaning out a window and not giving up until he or she had saved the endangered pet.

cat rescue 2

How did the good Samaritan go about accomplishing this goal?

How did the act react upon being saved?


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