Iggy Azalea: My Career May Be Dead, But I Can Still Twerk!

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Iggy Azalea ... what is she even doing with her life these days?

The last we heard, she was dating gross douchebag imbecile French Montana, but that's over now.

Before that, she was engaged to Nick Young, but she ended things with him after the news broke that he'd cheated on her.

In addition to all the relationship drama, Iggy also supposedly has a music career, but that hasn't been too obvious lately.

She had a big tour planned, but she canceled that all the way back in 2015. She said that all her big plans for the tour just didn't come together in time, but many people believed that it was canceled due to low ticket sales.


And on top of all that, she's been spending the last couple of years getting some plastic surgery done.

She had breast implants, and a nose job.

But with all those ups and downs, all those hard times, those lonely nights, those changing features, one thing has been constant.

And that, of course, is Iggy's ass.

It's still just as huge and jiggly as ever -- Iggy proved that in this new video she shared on Instagram.

In the video, she's working with a dance instructor (possibly for a new tour?), and ... well, let's just say she can go from flat on the floor to bent and twerking in two seconds flat.

See Iggy in action in the video below:

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