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Oh, Houston.

You’ve got a major problem on I Am Cait Season 2 Episode 8.

In the following sneak peek from this Sunday’s I Am Cait season finale, we watch as Caitlyn Jenner and her friends attempt to expose a few bigots in Texas.

Allow Kate Bornstein to explain:

"We came to Houston to do something about this city’s response to the hatred, especially of five pastors, who turned an entire Human Rights Ordinance into a lie about bathrooms.

"Caitlyn’s idea was, ‘I’ll go see them and talk with them face to face.’"

This topic is actually a hot button one around the country right now, with North Carolina recently having passed legislation that bans transgender individuals from using the bathroom of the gender with which they now identity themselves.

Former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling got fired by ESPN for sharing an offensive meme that mocked those in the LGBT community who wanted to use a different restroom.

We see Boylan call up a church in the clip below, only to be told that a pastor is unavailable.

"I’m a transgender woman who’s looking for a place to worship, would I be welcome at the service this evening?" Jenny asks.

When there’s no response on the other hand, Jenny hands the phone to Caitlyn.

Caitlyn identities herself… and the person on the other line hangs up!

"That’s actually all the more reason we need to go tonight," Caitlyn tells her friends.

Be sure to watch I Am Cait online or on television to see how this transpires on Sunday and check out the sneak peek now.