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Somehow, even over a decade after the show ended, Girls Next Door keeps giving drama.

Recently, there was a huge podcast tell-all interview about Holly Madison’s time at the Playboy Mansion.

But that still left a lot of ground to cover.

Holly has now posted her own Q&A to address what fans think that they know.

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Andy Cohen recently shared a lot on For Real: The Story of Reality TV.

However, she and Bridget Marquardt declined production’s invitation to provide input.

As a result, Kendra Wilkinson and executive producer Kevin Burns filled that role … and Holly says that they got things wrong.

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"Bridget and I were both asked to participate in that, we both said no," Holly told viewers.

She explained: "I thought it didn’t sound like anything I’d be interested in."

"When it comes to my story about that time in my life, I’m really particular," Holly admitted.

Holly Madison Welcomes Son
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Holly shared that she is picky "about who I will talk to and who I will do interviews with about it."

She feels this way "because I’m so over just the Playboy version of stories and having myself edited to fit that."

Holly added: "I didn’t trust it."

Holly and Hef

Of course, this meant that Holly’s side of the story did not get told at all.

Which meant that there was no one to challenge Burns’ claim about Bridget.

He alleged that she "would have a stopwatch and she would track how many screen minutes Kendra would get."

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"Completely untrue and I’m kind of grossed out he even said that," Holly stated.

"First of all," she asked, "why he would accuse Bridget of that and bring her into it, I have no idea."

Holly then characterized Bridget as "the sweetest, most unproblematic person" who "never did anything to him."

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"This guy was a very weird person," Holly said of Burns.

"I used to really like him, I thought he was charming, I thought he was fun to talk to," she admitted.

"But," Holly shared, "over the years I realized what a manipulator he was."

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Holly observed "how he tried to play the three of us against each other."

She added that this went on "even past Girls Next Door."

Holly explained that he had a motive to do this "because he produced our spinoffs too."

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"He would try and play us off each other," Holly shared.

"And," she continued, "make us jealous of each other."

Holly explained that his aim was "to get us to do things he wanted for the show."

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"I wouldn’t say I enjoyed doing the show until Season 3," Holly admitted.

However, she said that she was unhappy for years during her time at the mansion until the show began to film.

When that happened, she recalled, everyone seemed to be getting along better and she felt happier than before.

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"I know I’ve talked a lot about things at the mansion not being so great," Holly acknowledged.

"But I was there for 7 years total," she reminded everyone.

"And," Holly expressed, "for the first 3.5 years, things were really, really miserable."

Holly and Hef

"If cameras would have been around the first year I lived there, it would have been crazy," Holly characterized.

She described: "It would have been like a dark, depressing documentary."

"It was a great opportunity," Holly assessed, "and it turned a lot of the negativity of the situation into a positive situation in a lot of ways."

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"That was a happy time in my life," Holly recalled.

She quickly admitted: "not 100% happy … I wasn’t totally happy with the personal life relationship."

Holly then added: "But it was way better than it had been in the past."

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Holly also opened up about how she and the other "Girls" were "treated like children."

They were pressured, she described, into signing contracts before attorneys or managers could review them.

"We just didn’t have any say or couldn’t negotiate those at all," Holly lamented.

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As a result, Holly shared that there are no residuals from the show, and they were not given a heads up about many things.

For example, they were not forewarned that the show would have nudity in any form.

"The whole thing is gross to me," Holly reflected.

As you can see in the clip that we included, Holly also explained exactly how producers asked leading questions again and again.

The goal, she said, was to prompt her to say exactly what they wanted for a storyline.

As a result, she would sometimes be locked in a battle of wills, feeling like she was being "brainwashed" into telling a lie on camera.