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We don’t know what inspires certain people to do certain thing.

But in the following case, we don’t really care.

That’s because video below featured a girl who has painted the body of a woman on her nose and who is having this body Twerk along to Rihanna’s smash hit "Work." 

Twerk It, Rihanna

Confused? Intrigued? Confused AND intrigued?

You aren’t alone, if so, considering this footage has been Liked over 31 million times on Facebook.

Yes, 31 MILLION times. And counting!

The 35-second long video features the unidentified girl and her rather impressive depiction Rihanna on her nose.

Using the sides of this body part to showcase the singer’s thighs, the girl is able to mimic a rear end’s twerking movements with her index finger and tip of her nose.

It’s weird. But it’s also sort of hypnotic.

Twerking was, like, a huge thing back in 2014. 

Its popularity has since cooled off, but perhaps this girl is on to the next phase of Twerking. The Nose Twerk!

See for yourself: