Geraldo Rivera Questions Caitlyn Jenner: Is She Just in This for the Money?

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Geraldo Rivera is back on the attack against Caitlyn Jenner.

Not long after the transgender reality star came out as a woman, the conservative reporter compared Jenner to Kris Humphries, basically saying Caitlyn is just after money and attention.

Now, in a discussion with The Wrap, Rivera is taking aim at Caitlyn once again.

"I think that the Kardashians are the fakest people. They are totally created - brilliantly,” Rivera said of Kim Kardashian and company. “They have the talent and promotion more than anyone."

He then went on to single out Caitlyn:

"I wonder how much of Bruce - who I interviewed as Bruce a couple times over the years -  how much of that is motivated by the big pay day at the end of it.

"Do you think that Bruce could’ve fooled Kris Kardashian all of these years, that he really pulled the wool over her eyes? One of the most clever, perceptive, insightful women in public life in America today, she was hoodwinked?"

Wow. Those are the nicest things anyone has ever said about Kris Kardashian, whose name, of course, is actually Kris Jenner.

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