Amber Portwood: Leah Didn't Buy My Sob Story! It's Gary's Job to Fix This!

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Last week, viewers saw Amber Portwood claiming that Leah had been turned against her.

Some people are always on the lookout for someone to blame, and don't seem to own mirrors.

On this week's Teen Mom OG, Amber despaired after her tearful video didn't work as intended on Leah.

Amber already showed Leah who she really is, and Leah believed her. Where could they possibly go from here?

Amber Portwood Didn't Get Her Way

"I don't know what to do anymore," Amber expressed to a producer.

"I'm still trying," she insisted.

"But it's very unwelcoming," Amber complained, "that's all I can say."

Amber Portwood Delivers an Apology

"I sent a video apology and I didn't get a response," Amber recapped.

Dismissively, she added: "I got something from Gary that day saying they watched it."

Apparently, this did not meet the fantasy that Amber had entertained of how her tear-jerker would pay off.

Teen Mom OG S09E16 Amber Portwood 03

"They would see the raw emotion of a human being that is pouring their heart out," Amber explained of her shattered hopes.

"I just want my relationship with my daughter," she added.

"She's losing time with her mom," Amber said, "and she's not wanting time with her mom."

Amber & Leah on TMOG

Meanwhile, at Gary's home -- where Leah actually lives and is nurtured by parents who are there for her -- Gary and Kristine discussed the situation.

"So Amber called me up, she apologized to me about everything and then I did let her know that Leah had seen the video," Gary told his wife.

"She said, 'Did she say anything?' [I said] 'No, not really," Gary admitted. "She did say she didn't want to respond."

Gary Shirley is in a complicated situation

Gary explained that Leah didn't fall for Amber's video for a simple reason.

The 12 year old has "just accumulated so many things that are hard to forget."

But, he added, "it's a start."

Teen Mom OG S09E16 Amber Portwood 01

Kristina echoed that she has forgiven Amber for many things.

She opined that "there just comes a time when you move forward."

Gary hatched a plan to invite Amber and her son, James, whom she was recently accused of abusing, for an indirect visit.

Teen Mom OG S09E16 Leah Shirley 02

Gary did express the fear that Amber would, well, Amber it up again. 

"My biggest fear is we're gonna fix this and it's a matter of time," Gary suggested, referring to how Amber might make this harder.

He explained "because if her relationship isn't repaired with Leah, it's gonna be like, 'Okay, you're still mad at everything and you're gonna take it out on us.'"

Teen Mom OG S09E16 Amber Portwood 04

"If I could have it my way, I'd just be done with it, but that's not the case," Gary explained of severing ties with Amber.

"We have a kid together," he said, "and we have to make sure that kid's happy and healthy."

So yes, Gary and Kristina invited Amber to come over with James so that the brother and sister could spend time together.

Teen Mom OG S09E16 Leah Shirley 01

Amber felt overjoyed, gushing that she couldn't "wait to see Leah" after months without contact.

"Don't care if she looks at me, rolls her eyes and goes upstairs. I don't give a f--k," she claimed.

Amber declared: "As long as I see her and say, 'I love you, bye.' We're still moving somewhere."

Amber Portwood blames everyone but herself

"It just takes time," Amber told herself. "She's not going to hate me forever."

She told a producer that she excuses her own failures as a parent because she had been "self-medicating."

However, Amber believed that telling Leah was off the table due to her age.

Gary Shirley hates when his ex badmouths his wife

Of course, the get-together could not be filmed, because James was there.

Andrew Glennon would have to sign off to allow James to film for reality television.

Wisely, for James' well-being, safety, and personal development, James did not.

Teen Mom OG S09E16 Amber Portwood 02

Instead, we just saw Amber's assessment of the visit as she spoke to her own mother after the fact.

She called the get-together "kind of fine" but acknowledged that it was "a little awkward" for Leah that she was there.

Well, yes. Leah clearly isn't interested in contact with Amber, but her own family aren't letting that happen.

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