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For those who were away from their computer, away from their television and definitely away from the East Coast this weekend, a segment of the country was snowed under on Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks to Winter Storm Jonas.

This act of Mother Nature left over two feet of snow on the ground in New York, New Jersey and Washington D.C., while covering plenty of other areas in the Northeast, as well.

Heck, New York City made it illegal to be driving on the roads Friday afternoon, due to public safety concerns.

So it should not have come as a surprise that at least one person was very happy to be aboard a Southwest Airlines flight that same afternoon that was jetting far away from the nation’s capital and impending storm.

We mean this literally.

As you can see below, one flight attendance was so psyched to be departing from the site of the incoming storm that he danced down the aisle to Pharrell’s "Happy" prior to take off from Reagan National Airport to Dallas Love Field.

The funny moment was captured by passenger Tyeler Viel, who quickly sent the footage to her brother, Marc Cota-Robles, an Eyewitness News anchor in Los Angeles who shared it to Twitter.

"Everyone is so happy!" Viel told the Huffington Post. "That video captures the vibe exactly."

We love it.

Check it out below: