Khloe Kardashian to Lamar Odom: You Almost DIED!!!

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Back in October, Lamar Odom overdosed on a cocktail of drugs while partying at a brothel in Nevada.

The incident nearly cost Odom his life, and he was comatose by the time he arrived at a nearby hospital.

Miraculously, Odom eventually emerged from his coma and began the slow process of recovering.

Khloe Kardashian has offered several encouraging updates, but she concedes there's a good chance that Odom will never be quite the same again

Kourtney Kardashian stopped by Ellen DeGeneres' show recently, and she FaceTimed Khloe during her interview so that the two of them could fill fans in on the latest about Lamar.

Kourtney and Khloe both described Odom as "good," but Khloe elaborated that the former NBA star's "short term memory is not so great."

Odom was released from the hospital earlier this month, and he's apparently visited Khloe and the rest of the Kardashian clan several times since.

While the news was mostly encouraging, Khloe was honest about Lamar's mental state, admitting that he still doesn't fully understand what happened to him:

“And every day he’ll ask me, 'So what happened to me?'" Khloe explains.

"Like today specifically, he was like, 'How many tubes did I have in me again?' And I’m like, ‘I don’t know what’s too serious to tell you,’ but I’m honest."

“I’m like, ‘Well just a lot, I didn’t count, I don’t know.’ But it’s good that he wants to know these answers. Before he didn’t want to know he wasn’t ready to know. So it’s great that he’s at the point that he’s ready to know everything that happened.”

Khloe has long had a reputation as the "realest" Kardashian, and it seems she's maintaining her remarkably honest relationship with fans throughout the difficult process of helping Lamar recuperate.

Here's wishing the best of luck for both of them.

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