Father in Gender Reveal Video Cares More About OBP Than Actual Gender Reveal

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There's been a revolution in baseball over the past decade or so.

When considering a player's productivity, traditional stats such as home runs and batting average simply aren't as important as they once were, not when analysts have realized that almost nothing matters more than simply getting on base.

Put another way, a walk is as good as a hit, so why swing wildly at any old pitch when you could wait for a good one to hit and/or get a free pass.

Based on the video below, it’s pretty clear that Kyle Tait agrees with this theory.

revealfail pic

Kyle and his wife are expecting a baby.

They decided to learn the baby's gender prior to him or her actually entering the world, but they decided to learn this gender in creative fashion:

With a friend behind the camera, the expecting mother has a ball in her hand that is filled with either blue paint or pink paint.

Kyle has a bat in his hands.

The idea is that his wife will soft toss him the ball.... Kyle will hit said ball... and the subsequent explosion will reveal whether the couple will soon welcome a girl (pink!) or a boy (blue!).

Easy enough, right?

reveal fail

Except: Kyle, who works as a sports broadcaster in Atlanta, apparently takes pride in his keen batting eye.

So when his wife gently throws her pitch... he doesn't swing!

And the ball crashes to the ground!

And it opens up on contact!

And pink paints seeps all over the driveway!


This means the couple will be having a girl (Hooray! Congrats to them! We wish her well!), but it also means there's no chance to do the video over again.

Some critics out there think Kyle took his wife's pitch on purpose in order to help the following footage go viral.

We just think the up-and-in delivery wasn't in his sweet spot and Kyle wasn't about to swing and miss and embarrass himself in front of his future son or daughter.

Watch the video and decide what you believe:

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