Bachelor in Paradise Season 4: First Creepy Trailer!

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 was nearly canceled because of an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct.

Not that you'd know these specifics by watching the first trailer for new episodes of The Bachelor spinoff, which will return after a temporary filming hiatus on August 14.

Bachelor in Paradise Playa

In the video below, ABC sort of mocks the entire DeMario Jackson-Corinne Olympios scandal, which dominated Internet headlines for over a week after these two contestants got very drunk and then very naked together in a pool.

After a producer told executives that she wasn't sure Olympics was sober enough to give consent, production was shut down and all cast members were sent home.

It was pretty serious for awhile, as Jackson was forced to defend himself against accusations of rape.

But the investigation conducted by Warner Bros. turned up no evidence of any inappropriate behavior and ABC announced that Season 4 will move forward as planned.

Heck, Olympios will even return for a special episode.

So we guess that does make it difficult to fault ABC for making fun of all that transpired, as it most assuredly does in the preview below.

Bachelor in Paradis guy

"Paradise was almost lost...until it wasn't," an announcer says, followed by celebratory tweets from fans around the globe and shots of contestants being very happy.

There's Amanda looking shocked and Iggy freaking out, along with Robby's wearing a shirt covered in sombreros while a lot of animals look on.

In other words: It's the same old Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradis gal

Are you excited for the show's return?

Do you think ABC should be a little more respectful of the reason why it almost didn't come back?

Consider this question as you watch the teaser right here and now:

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