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This may be it, people. This may be our favorite reaction to a pregnancy announcement that we’ve ever seen on the Internet.

Yes, that wife surprising her husband with a self-created Taste Challenge was pretty cool and pretty funny.

But another couple decided to use a different sort of challenge to stun a pair of grandparents-to-be.

It’s called the Whisper Challenge and any frequent viewer of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is familiar with the game.

It entails one party wearing noise-canceling headphones and the other party whispering some kind of message. The headphone-wearing individual must then decipher said message.

It’s not easy, but it is hilarious to watch.

And it’s even more hilarious to watch when the headphone-wearer is about to be a grandfather, but he doesn’t know it yet because he can’t figure out what his son is saying.

So he keeps repeating the wrong message, getting closer and closer and closer to the truth.

Until finally saying the right words, letting it sink in for a moment and then screaming in absolute shock and euphoria. 

What a great way to spill baby news.

What an amazing reaction.

Check it all out now: