Wife Shocks Husband with Baby-Themed "Taste Challenge"

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When is blind taste test so much more than a blind taste test?

When the taste test is meant to reveal not one's ability to differentiate between types of food, but that one's wife is expecting a baby.

In the following video, a woman tells her husband, Cory, that she has set up a "taste challenge" for him. Sounds like fun, right?

And Cory is totally up for said challenge because he said he loves food... though he's about to love what his wife has in store a lot more.

A LOT MORE. Trust us.

After learning that the first item has honey in it, and after correctly guessing that the second contains avocado, Cory realizes by the third that he's eating baby good. Ah, but WHY?!?

Cory isn't there yet. He initially guesses it's because that type of baby food was his favorite as a young boy.

It takes a little more prodding and hinting from his wife, but Cory is eventually let in on the secret: the couple is having a baby! EEEEEK!

Cory then responds with tears and incredulity, asking over and over whether this is really happening.

He can't stop crying. He can't stop kissing his wife. He can't stop embracing her belly.

It's one of the best reactions we've ever seen from a prospective father and one of the more unique ways we've seen for a wife to break the big news to her man.

"This is how my wife told me we're having a baby," Cory wrote as a caption to the video on YouTube.

"I can't watch this video without crying. We're so happy! We're going to have a baby! Thank you all so much for the love and support!"

Watch it all transpire below and good luck holding back your own tears as you do. We certainly failed to do so.

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