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In June of 2018, we reported that Farrah Abraham was arrested after attacking a hotel employee who was just doing his job.

She managed to weasel herself into a cushy sentence, but now her two years of probation are over.

Farrah Abraham Rap Photo

TMZ reports that Farrah Abraham completed all that was required of her during her period of probation.

On Monday, her probation will end two years after her sentencing.

She completed 12 hours of anger management, 5 days of community labor, and paid a fee of … wait for it … $150.

Farrah Abraham Offers

According to court records, Farrah has checked off each and every one of those boxes, completing th tasks ordered by the court.

Farrah isn’t exactly known for her professionalism, sense of right and wrong, or dedication.

But apparently she took things seriously and wanted to avoid prison time.

Farrah Abraham with In Touch
(In Touch)

We do have to acknowledge that the bar for completing all of this was pretty low.

Look, none of us want to do 5 days of community labor, but 5 days of labor across two years is … pretty doable.

12 hours of anger management is a drop in the bucket compared to what she needs.

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And though Farrah is known for her failed business ventures, $150 was almost insultingly low, not even covering court costs.

We’re not suggesting that $150 wouldn’t be hard for many people, or the punitive fines are the path to justice.

But anything payable by a fine, especially by one so low, basically just means "legal for rich people."

Farrah Abraham Screams at Passersby

Farrah is technically rich, with an estimated net worth of $1 million. So yes, that applies to her.

She’s not in that "comfortably rich" category where a few more disastrous attempts to fulfill her dreams wouldn’t leave her suddenly struggling to stay afloat.

Looking at Farrah’s various business closures and unpaid bills helps you understand her poltiical leanings even more than her erratic behavior and apparent inability to speak coherently.

Farrah For America

In case it has slipped your mind (2020 has lasted at least a decade, somehow), Farrah was arrested in June 2018.

Police say that she became violent with a security guard at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

She allegedly hit the security guard with her forearm, grabbed his ear, and shoved his head while trying to forcibly reenter the hotel.

Farrah Abraham Gestures Excitedly

And then it got worse.

Farrah being Farrah, she was of course belligerent — her default setting — and apparently yelled for the police to "go f–k yourself."

But after she was arrested and hauled off, Farrah apparently realized that her bizarre attack on a hotel employee had not been a great choice.

Farrah Abraham Sprays Herself
(Tik Tok)

Farrah was able to avoid prison time by striking a plea deal with the DDA assigned to prosecute her, which is how she ended up on probation.

Of course, she has also been banned from the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is where all of this started.

Apparently, that ban was a court condition, and has now been lifted with the probation. The question is if the Beverly Hills Hotel wants her back.

Farrah Ex on the Beach

Farrah insists that she was able to complete her probation by staying away from "problem people."

They say that separation from the self is the key to enlightenment, but somehow we don’t think that Farrah is there yet.

She’s never going to improve as long as she continues to imagine that everything is someone else’s fault. So … forever.