Emma Stone Reminds Us Why She's the Best Talk Show Guest EVER

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It's time we finally stopped to consider the following question:

Might Emma Stone be the most entertaining guest in late-night talk show history?

Emma Stone Takes a Challenge

We can imagine Jennifer Lawrence taking exception to this possibility. And maybe Alec Baldwin.

Heck, Cameron Diaz always looks to be having a blast any time she speaks to Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert.

But Stone set the must-watch bar pretty high two years ago when she lip-sync battled Fallon on The Tonight Show ... and then she returned to that same program last night.

And slayed it once again.

Playing the “Singing Whisper Challenge,” the beloved actress had to don headphones blasting loud music while Fallon sang (in a whisper).

His first track was “Born in the U.S.A.” which Stone had serious trouble guessing.

"Whatever you’re doing looks inappropriate. Like, there’s no why you’re doing it on the show,” Stone loudly shouted over the noise of her headphones, adding:

“It looks like ‘Pork in the Desert.'"

That's a song we would totally listen to!

Later on, Fallon went all Elvis on his guest and his viewers, while also making a rather dirty joke.

What did he say? How did Stone react?


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