Eminem SLAMMED for Saturday Night Live Performance!

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It's official: Eminem is back!

Well, it's not like he was ever officially gone -- though it's been four years since he released his last album, he's recorded a few songs here and there.

Eminem Raps

But right now he's preparing for the release of his latest album, Revival. We don't know exactly when the album will drop, but this month he shared the first single, "Walk on Water."

To promote the album, he performed the single on this week's episode of Saturday Night Live, and while Beyonce wasn't there -- she sings on the album track -- his longtime collaborator Skylar Grey was.

And since he had a lady singer there with him, he took the opportunity to perform two of his old hits along with his new one -- after "Walk on Water," they did bits from "Stan" and "Love the Way You Lie."

Considering all that, it should have been amazing, right?

Eminem fans should have lost their collective mind.

But unfortunately, that's just not what happened.

People were ruthless in their reactions to his performance, and, as always, they took to Twitter to express their displeasure.

Eminem in GQ

"I would rather listen to the woman on the piano sing a dozen songs than try to understand what Eminem is saying for one rap," one person wrote.

Another said that "As a USED to be fan I checked in to see what was up..... #stfu #wtf was this [poop emoji] #pathetic attempt. Just retire into the trailer park you're #nothing anymore."

One person tweeted directly to Eminem, telling him that he is "a washed up hack" and "no one wants to see someone's dad who can barely grow a beard mumble some 'rhymes' on SNL."

In perhaps the most harsh criticism of them all, one person even wrote "I'm not sure Rihanna could have saved that performance as good as she is."

Even some of his diehard fans were willing to admit that perhaps the performance wasn't his best -- one of them tweeted "So what @Eminem didn't have his best performance on #SNL? He's still a G.O.A.T."

Check out the video below and let us know what you think:

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