Donald Trump Blasts Matt Lauer, Considers John McCain a "Hero"

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Donald Trump is standing by his criticism of John McCain.

Kind of. Sort of. From Donald Trump's point of view at least.

On Saturday, Trump earned the ire of even his fellow Republican candidates after directly saying that McCain was not a war hero because he was captured during the Vietnam War.

The real estate mogul and entertaining Presidential hopeful then called in to The Today Show this morning and sparred with Matt Lauer of his classification of McCain.

"I'm not a fan of John McCain. He's doing a terrible job for the vets," Trump told Lauer. " I go around, Matt, on the circuit and I see so many vets and I see families crying before me. They can't see doctors. They're waiting in reception rooms for five and six days..."

Lauer cut off his guest at this point in an attempt to bring the conversation back to Trump's initial comment.

But The Donald insisted that he DID, in actuality, refer to McCain as a "hero," but that the media has refused to play the entire clip.

But... wait... why would Trump at any point say McCain was not a hero?

"EXCUSE ME!" Trump bellowed when asked this question.

He then went on to call Mexicans rapists... no, sorry. He did that before.

Instead, as you'll see above, Trump went on to insult McCain's record in helping his fellow veterans, concluding:

"I said he was a war hero, Matt. You misrepresent, just like everybody else."

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