Diddy SLAMMED for Body-Shaming Lizzo After She Begins to Twerk

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In the face of this pandemic, plenty of stars are using their platform to raise money for COVID-19 relief. Diddy is no exception.

But when Diddy abruptly shut down a dance after Lizzo began to twerk, the internet slammed him for body-shaming the beloved singer.

It's Diddy!

So, Diddy has been working to raise money, via a fundraiser, and he went live on Instagram on Sunday.

This was this past Sunday, Easter Sunday, which is going to be relevant very shortly.

He was joined by a ton of fellow famous folks, from Jennifer Lopez to Demi Lovato to Drake.

Diddy ended up raising over $3,725,820, but that is not the source of controversy.

Draya Michele Picture

As you can see in this video, Draya Michele began dancing and twerking during the video.

That is certainly appropriate, given the music that was playing at the time.

Draya is a relatively slender woman, and no one expressed any kind of problem with her dance.

This is important ... because it looks like Diddy has some double standards about whose dancing is appropriate.

Lizzo at 2019 AMAs

Lizzo, who is one of the biggest names in music over the past few years, also popped into the livestream for a visit.

She, too, began to twerk when musically appropriate.

She was fully clothed and posing sideways, a great angle for showing off twerking without it being overly suggestive.

At least, that's what we all thought. Diddy clearly had other ideas.

Diddy, Lizzo IG livestream twerk easter 2020

Abruptly, Diddy interjected, demanding that the music be turned off.

Lizzo stopped dancing and immediately became a little apologetic for ... what? For dancing?

Fans have been fuming over it, though no one's sure if Diddy was body-shaming her for her booty or sex-shaming her for being sexy while twerking.

Either way, fans are crying foul at Diddy.

Sean Diddy Combs VMAs 2016

Now, Diddy is explaining himself after the widespread outcry.

"There's one thing that I want to make clear," Diddy says, addressing "my queen, my sister Lizzo."

Diddy goes on to explain that his objection was with the language used in the music.

"She's one of the best twerkers in the world, ok," Diddy acknowledges, "so let's keep that clear."

"It wasn't about twerking," Diddy affirms. "You're allowed to twerk on Easter."

Gonna jot down that piece of theology for future reference.

"It was a lot of cursing in the record," he said, "and I don't need child services knocking on my door right now, you understand?"

We would imagine that social services have bigger things on their plate than, swera words in music, which are literally harmless.

"Lizzo, we love you," Diddy declared.

"Everybody, stop looking for the negative," he implored fans and followers.

"Look at the positive, man," he requested. "Let's go to the love."

diddy and lizzo IG live

So, if you believe that Diddy is telling the truth, Lizzo wasn't a victim of body-shaming in this incident, just some bad timing.

Honestly? I'm not one to give dudes the benefit of the doubt when it comes to what they say about women, but I believe him.

"You're allowed to twerk on Easter" juxtaposed with discomfort with song lyrics is simply too goofy sounding to be a lie.

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