"Demonic Child" Goes On Rampage, Screams for Entire 8-Hour Flight

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The next time you want to complain about noise or commotion on board an airplane, please remember the video featured below.

And keep in mind: It could always be worse!

Earlier this week, passengers on a Lufthansa plane from Germany to New Jersey were forced to endure constant screaming from a three-year old child that sources tell The Daily Mail suffers from some kind of disability.

It's unclear exactly what is the matter with the toddler, but it's VERY clear in this footage that he is unable to sit still or be quiet.

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Stuck on the eight-hour voyage with this unnamed child, New York City artist Shane Townley documented the stunning behavior at various point of the eight-hour trip.

Yes, the boy screamed, yelled and jumped all over various seats for eight consecutive hours.

The five-minute video - which was filmed a few seats back from the unwanted action - depicts this restless kid climbing all over the passengers’ seats and jabbering, while his mother tries to calm him down.

At one point, she asks the flight attendant to please (PLEASE!) get the wi-fi going so that she can distract her son with his iPad

Alas, this makes no difference in the end.

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In his description of the footage on YouTube, Townley describes the energetic three-year old as "demonic" and the situation as a "nightmare," the latter of which we most definitely understand.

Heck, at one point, the child sits on top of the seats and hits the ceiling of the plane, ignoring his mom's request to "calm down."

Elsewhere in the video, we see passengers covering their ears and trying to ignore all that's taking place around them.

But it's a virtual impossibility.

On Twitter, most users were sympathetic to the mother here, although some offered a few suggestions for the airline:

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A representative from Lufthansa told the British publication that most passengers were understanding of the incident and that their crew did its best to de-escalate the situation.

Only so much could be done, however.

Check out the viral footage below:

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