Demi Lovato Expresses "Confidence" on Good Morning America

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Demi Lovato is brimming with confidence these days.

Just consider her recent actions:

  • The artist recently stripped down naked and makeup free for Vanity Fair.
  • She recently danced with strippers and got really close to a few dongs.
  • Oh, and she recently released an album titled "Confident." Let's not forget about that.

Lovato appeared Thursday on Good Morning America in order to promote for the album (which debuted at number-two on the Billboard chart) and also to sing her latest track.

Before doing so, however, Lovato gave an interview to Good Morning America co-host Amy Robach in which she talked of her desire to "empower" fans and of how self-confidence (or a lackthereof) is an issue that affects nearly everyone around the world.

She received props for her makeup-free Mondays and the ways in which she's always so open to the public.

Demi also confirmed her upcoming tour with Nick Jonas, not revealing too many details about what the long-time friends have planned, but making it clear she excited to "play for the audience."

Lovato proceeded to say she’s been very happy with the response to her new music so far, which prompted the fans watching in the studio to cheer loudly.

Asked what they’re saying, Lovato replied:

“You’ve grown as an artist, and we’re growing with you.”

It really is true. Demi has grown both as an artist and also as a human being. She's one of our favorites, in terms of how she's handled her personal life and her struggles over the years.

Check out the following footage for a look at this complete interview now.

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