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Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have officially made it.

Yes, the two superstars had already established rather impressive careers for themselves prior to Monday night.

But then they became the latest celebrities to sit alongside James Corden for a round of Carpool Karaoke, joining such A-Listers who have previously done so as Adele and Justin Bieber.

Photo via CBS

The recurring segment features The Late Late Show host enlisting various artist to carpool with him for work, joking around with them in the vehicle while also enjoying a few memorable sing-alongs.

In this case, the skit opened with Lovato and Jonas going over who the latter has dated and when he chose to take off his purity ring.

From there, then sang parts of Lovato’s song “Heart Attack" and then Jonas’s smash hit “Chains.”

The latter track prompted Corden to ask the singers: “Have you ever been tied up?”

Jonas actually admitted that he had been, but “didn’t enjoy it at all.”

He also went into detail about how, at a gay club one time, he had been “chained to the wall.”

After that, it was tiem for Corden, Jonas and Lovato to belt out her hit “Stone Cold.”

Lovato and Jonas are set to embark on a tour together, although they will not be performing in North Carolina as a statement in support of LGBT rights.

In the video below, Jonas also explains how his brother came up with “Cake By The Ocean" as a song title.

He said a Swedish guy confused “sex on the beach” for “Cake By The Ocean" and the rest is songwriting history.

All three then sang Jonas’s “Close” and “Jealous," later stopping the car for a rendition of  Lovato’s “Confident” on the street and collecting some money from pedestrians.

Did Jonas and Lovato live up to the lofty Carpool Karaoke bar set by past guests?

Only two weeks ago, remember, Gwen Stefani was joined for it by Julia Roberts and George Clooney.

Sit back, click Play and enjoy Lovato and Jonas making the most of this segment below: