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Bitches be snitchin’ in the following video.

We don’t mean this in the pejorative sense.

We mean it in the literal sense, as the adorable video features two canines, Harley and Lola.

They are siblings, but that doesn’t mean one isn’t about to turn on the other.

Calmly and adorably seated side-by-side, the dogs are being asked a very important question.

Their owner knows it’s a big deal. She doesn’t want either of them to feel pressure in answering… but she also wants them to be honest.

Are they ready? Are they prepared to hear it? Will they take the time to process the importance of it?

Okay, here goes: who ate the cookie off the kitchen counter?

IT WAS HER, Harley basically says, patting her sister forcefully on the head with her paw.

The owner wants to be certain, however, so she asks again:

Who ate the cookie off the kitchen counter?

Harley, again, points her paw at Lola.

Okay then. One final time, just to be certain:

Who ate the cookie off the kitchen counter?

At this, Harley continually pats Lola on the head, desperate to get the point across.

And what does Lola have to say for herself? Nothing. She’s been caught. She’s guilty. She’s very sorry.

The video has been viewed over 9 million times on Facebook for one very good reason: it’s hilarious!

Watch now: