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Abby Lee Miller is no longer the host of Dance Moms.

Heck, Abby Lee Miller won’t even be a free woman for much longer, not after she was sentenced to over a year in prison for her role in a bankruptcy fraud scheme.

But the controversial reality star’s sentencing, along with her resignation from her Dance Moms post, took place after filming started for Season 8.

Therefore, Miller is featured in the first extended trailer for new episodes, which kick off once again on Lifetime on August 1.

Abby Lee Miller, All Business

In the following preview, we see a lot of yelling and screaming among the parents, which is obviously nothing new.

At one point, one of the women tells another that she’s a "lame whore."

But the real excitement and the intense drama all centers on Miller, who is aware her time with the kids is coming to an end.

“I created livelihoods for so many children,” she says. “It was all going to end someday.”

As the emotions rise and questions circulate regarding who will take Millers’ place, Laurieann Gibson – the choreographer who has worked with such stars as Michael Jackson and Beyonce – stuns the mothers when she makes an appearance.

"There’s a new motherf-cking sheriff in this motherf-cking town," she tells them.

Abby Lee Miller on Season 8

Later, we get our first glimpse of Cheryl Burke on the show.

(She’s agreed to take over as Dance Moms host.)

This really does all come down to Miller, though.

For better or worse, for love or disdain, she’s been the face of this popular reality show for nearly a decade.

On one hand in this teaser, she’s defiant, telling the camera: 

“I don’t need one of them. I don’t need any of them.”

Abby Lee Miller Cries. Hard.

Then, on the other hand, she’s breaking out the waterworks and opening herself up like never before.

“I regret it. I regret it,” she tearfully says. “Oh, I regret everything.”

That’s a side of Abby Lee Miller we’ve never really seen before.

In early March, the notorious dance instructor announced her resignation in an Instagram post.

Accusing producers behind the program of treating her “like dirt” after she wrapped filming for season 7B, Miller absolutely lost it.

The fallout from her ongoing meltdown continues to this day, and with her legal problems far from over, we imagine it will only worsen.

You can follow our link to watch Dance Moms online and try to gain an understanding of what she means by "regret."

Is there anything noticeable on camera?

And you can also check out the following promo for a look at the INTENSE action to come on the Lifetime series.

Grab a hat and hold the f–k onto it …