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Here is something you don’t see everyday.

Actually, correction: here is something we guarantee you have never seen before in your entire life.

A Montreal native named David Freiheit recently decided to complete what he refers to in the following video as an "historical first."

We don’t know if he’s certain this is actually the case, but it’s fair to guess that no one has ever before attempted to pull his daughter’s loose tooth out via wild squirrel.

Yup, that’s exactly what is about to take place.

In the footage, you’ll see Freiheit attach one end of dental floss to his daughter’s tooth… and some granola to the other side.

A nearby squirrel finds the bait and does what any squirrel would do with granola: he makes a run for it in order to chown down on it.

As he does so, of course, he takes the little girl’s tooth along with him.

"Not many people get to say they did something for the first time in human history," Freiheit wrote in the YouTube caption.

That’s true. Not many people get to say this.

Not many people care so much about saying this that they would attach one end of dental floss to their daughter and the other to a squirrel.

But, hey! It worked!

See for yourself: