Meri Brown on Catfish Relationship: I Never Crossed a Line!

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Sister Wives stars Meri and Kody Brown suffered a tremendous blow to their marriage last year when a catfish scandal went public.

Meri had become involved in a relationship with someone she thought was a man, but later discovered was a woman.

While it was certainly a source of humiliation for the entire polygamous brood, TLC is milking the controversy as much as they can.

In a clip for the Sister Wives Tell-All, additional details of the relationship are rehashed between Meri and Kody while the other sister wives dutifully sit with their hands folded thinking, "Oh gawd, this again?"

Meri tries to explain what drew her into the relationship when it first started.

"At the very beginning, this person was fun, funny, just good conversation," she said.

"I don't know, at first it was kind of cool to just have that kind of companionship."

I suppose companionship might be hard to come by when you're married to a dude who has three other wives. 

Earlier in the season, Meri admitted to her husband that part of the reason she strayed was because she was angry at him for not taking "better care" of their relationship.

But was it companionship she felt for her catfisher... or love? The host grills Meri on why she used the word "love" in conversations with her online paramour and what was meant when she said it.

"I felt for this person who I thought was a person," she explains.

"I cared about who I thought she was portraying him to be. Because I have a trusting heart and a loving heart."

However, she downplays her feelings by insisting the word "love" was used in a casual way, like, "Okay, okay, love you, bye."

Through it all, she swears she never crossed a line.

"I didn't know what was going on and what was going to happen, and I actually told this person, I said, 'I'm not crossing any lines — that is not me, and I will not do that.' So the feelings that I had were confusing."

Watch Kody's response to whether he thought Meri crossed a line below:

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