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For years and years and years, we’ve watched as contestants have flipped out over the chance to win a brand new car on The Price is Right.

But those cars were typically a Honda Civics or a Toyota Camry; perfectly sensible vehicles that we’d totally accept as the prize on a game show… but still.

We weren’t talking some car worth well into the six figures or anything.

But then The Price is Right decided to air Dream Car Week, a special set of shows where contestants had an opportunity to take a Mercedes, a Tesla, a Porsche, a Maserati, a BMW or even an Aston Martin, the British sports car best known for being driven by 007, James Bond.

And there’s where a woman named Francesca comes in.

She works as a wedding photographer and is a mother from the San Francisco Bay area and she started off with the chance to win a hairdryer, a wine vacuum cork and a frozen dessert maker by playing the Spelling Bee game.

And then things escalated from there.

Easily earning a spot in our rundown of Best Ever Game Show Moments, she chose to go for the Aston Martin instead of pocketing $25,000, a decision that her husband in the audience did not seem very fond of.

But watch to see what happened from there, as yet another man learned that his wife is always right: