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A Confederate Flag parade took place in Dalton, Georgia over the weekend.

Yes, a Confederate Flag parade.

With controversy brewing over whether or not states ought to fly what President Obama has described as "a reminder of systemic oppression and racial subjugation," some residents in this state decided to make their feelings on the subject known by driving around with the flag soaring off their cars.

The event was sanctioned by the police and everything.

"Man, look at this sh-t," says the man behind the parade recording above.

"They got a goddamn day for Confederate f-cking flags. This is bulls-it."

Fortunately for the man (and for anyone who believes Confederate Flag is akin to a Swastika), the parade concluded in appropriate fashion:

A few trucks involved crashed into each other!

"God don’t like ugly," says the man behind this video, laughing over the outcome.

Check out the footage above.