Cheryl Burke Takes More Shots at Abby Lee Miller, Wants to Change Dance Moms

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A few weeks ago, Cheryl Burke came right out and asked Abby Lee Miller:

How does my shade taste?

The former Dancing with the Stars professional - who will be hosting Dance Moms Season 8 in the wake Miller's resignation in March - spoke to reporters after making an appearance on her former ABC show and said her new students were left "traumatized" by their time with Miller.

This was partly due to Miller's personality, and then subsequently due to her prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud.

Cheryl Burke on Steve Harvey

Now, with Miller set to spend one year behind bars, Burke has returned to ask once again:

Well, Abby?!? How does it taste?!?

Cheryl was a guest this week on The Steve Harvey Show and she reiterated her belief that Dance Moms kids have been traumatized by their experience with Miller.

What will she do differently than the previous host?

"I don’t scream or yell. I don’t believe in that," Burke tells Harvey in the following clip, earning herself applause from the crowd after drawing a clear distinction between herself and Miller.

"I am still strict and stern. I expect the best out of my students, but I do it in a way that’s loving and caring," Burke added of her teaching philosophy.

Cheryl Burke on a Talk Show

Miller responded last month to Burke's claim of trauma by labeling it "ridiculous."

She didn't take very kindly to the way Burke called her out, telling Us Weekly:

"I think that's a really rough statement and I would never say that about Cheryl. I think she needs to watch her mouth."

But Burke clearly isn't too concerned, possibly because there's only so much Miller will be able to do to her from jail.

"I want their last memories of Dance Moms to be positive," Burke told Harvey. "I want to change their memories a bit."

In other words: I am about to make this show mine all mine and Abby Miller can totally suck it! These kids won't even remember her name by the time I'm done with them!

Abby Lee Miller Promotional Image

What about all the terrible things Miller said about producers when she quit?

Whatever, Burke basically says, describing these executives as "amazing" and saying they've been "nothing but a pleasure to work with."

Watch her talk in depth about Miller and continue to hurl ALL the shade in her direction below:

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