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We’ve talked at length about how great Chelsea Houska is, right?

About how she’s absolutely adorable, how her family is equally precious, and how remarkably stable she is compared to the rest of the Teen Mom crew.

Photo via MTV

It’s easy to appreciate Chelsea and her family, especially when you see her cute little life in contrast to the drama of Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, and now Briana DeJesus.

And, judging by what goes down in this sweet little sneak peek from tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, her family could be getting even bigger — and therefore even cuter — very, very soon!

In the clip, Chelsea is chilling at home with her husband, Cole DeBoer, their baby, Watson, and of course darling little Aubree.

She tells them that it’s time to take Watson’s four month photo — every time he turns another month old, she’s been taking his photo on this cute little blanket and documenting his growth.

They get everything set up, and Cole looks at the blanket and says "How good would this blanket look if there was like two more babies on there?"

Sounds like someone has baby fever!

Chelsea Houska with Baby Watson DeBoer
Photo via Instagram

Chelsea asks Aubree if she wants more siblings, and she says she does, but only if they’re boys.

Because really, how many queens can you realistically fit it one home?

Finally they’re ready to take the picture, and Chelsea lays Watson down so everyone else can marvel at him.

"Doesn’t this give you baby fever?" she asks Cole.

"Yeah, we could stack ’em," he tells her, gesturing at the blanket. "One here, one here. By next year, I was thinking we’d probably get three."

He’s obviously joking, because unless Chelsea is able to use her own sheer will to create twins, that would be impossible.

Chelsea Houska and Family in Florida
Photo via Instagram

But there’s definitely some truth there, too.

"I’m serious though," she tells him. "Do you think by this time next year we’ll be having another one?"

"We’re gonna have more when Mom’s ready to have more," he says simply, which is a great answer.

Chelsea asks him "What if I was ready right now?", and he responds with "Well, then we’re ready right now!"

Can you even stand how sweet this whole thing is?

This conversation happened when Watson was four months old, and he just turned seven months old — meaning that if they took this conversation seriously, she could very well be pregnant right now.

And even if she’s not, it sounds like we can look forward to many, many cute babies from these two in the not-so-distant future!

Watch the adorable exchange in the video below: