Chelsea Houska: See Her Son Watson's Teen Mom 2 Debut!

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If you're a fan of Teen Mom 2, then prepare to be very, very excited.

Actually, if you're kind of whatever about the whole Teen Mom thing but really into cute stuff, then this is a story for you, too.

Chelsea Houska with Baby Watson DeBoer

Because, OK, remember Chelsea Houska, the most beloved Teen Mom of them all, gave birth to her second child in January?

She and her offensively attractive husband, Cole DeBoer, welcomed a little boy that they named Watson, and as we've seen in the photos they've shared, he's just the sweetest little thing.

Like, seriously, seriously cute.

But now that a new season of Teen Mom 2 is all set to begin airing next week, we have some new sneak peeks to dive into.

And in Chelsea's sneak peek, the MTV crew meets little Watson for the very first time.

Brace yourselves, your heart may not be able to withstand seeing this family of four in action.

Cole DeBoer Father's Day Photo

As the clip begins, we see producers and crew members pull up to Chelsea's home, looking very, very excited.

Which is fair -- goodness knows we'd be pretty pumped to have this experience.

Chelsea and Cole give out hugs as the crew files into the house, then they bring them into the family room where Watson and Aubree are waiting.

She picks up Watson, who, by the looks of him here, can't have been in the world very long at all.

She tells him to say hi, her producer starts crying, Aubree chills on a couch with an iPad ... all normal things here, we imagine.

Chelsea and Aubree Houska

Then Watson starts to get fussy and Chelsea pulls out a cover so she can breastfeed him.

"If a boob comes out," she warns the crew, "I still ... I don't know what I'm doing."

Oh, Chelsea, we've missed you so!

Check out the adorable clip in the video below:

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