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Next month, viewers can watch the premiere of The Family Chantel Season 3.

90 Day Fiance‘s first (but not last!) personalized spinoff is hard to forget, but just in case, its stars appeared on 90 Day Bares All.

This handy reminder of the upcoming season turned out to be very informative.

Not only did we learn the age at which Pedro lost his V-card, but it was with his wife, Chantel. And that could come back to haunt them this season. …

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90 Day Bares All is more than just a talk show hosted by the magnificent Shaun Robinson.

At times, the Discovery Plus exclusive is also a game show — still hosted by the beautiful Shaun Robinson, of course.

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno appeared, first chatting, before participating in a quiz to establish how much — or how little — they know about each other.

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There were other questions, which we’ll address in a moment.

But one eye-raising moment of the episode when Shaun asked them both about a certain milestone in Pedro’s sexual development.

“How old was Pedro when he lost his virginity?” she asked, prompting Pedro and Chantel to write down their answers before comparing them.

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They actually had their wires crossed a little, because Chantel answered with 25, and Pedro answreed with 23.

Chantel confirmed that Pedro was right after a moment of confusion, saying "It should have been 23."

"I know he was a virgin when I met him," she dished.

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Pedro was a little embarrassed and laughed awkwardly.

"That was never revealed," he admitted.

"I though everybody knew," Chantel replied. "Whoops!"

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Obviously, plenty of couples might answer differently, because virginity is an arbitrarily defined social construct.

Most of the time, for couples that are both cisgender and heterosexual, it refers to penis-in-vagina sex, but that is obviously not universal.

And even then, there are different standards to what "counts" or does not. Because, again, the concept of virginity is both imaginary and cultural.

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Incidentally, another question that Shaun asked was about Chantel’s favorite sexual position.

Pedro wrote a "4" on his paper, which they quickly realized meant "on all fours." As in, doggy style.

(Gosh, wouldn’t it have been exciting if he’d just announced that his wife’s favorite sexual position was having a foursome?)

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Doggy style is actually a very popular answer, no matter the oft-maligned popularity of missionary position.

It’s not a physically laborous position, it’s visually flattering for both parties, and it’s easy for either to adjust their angle for maximum enjoyment.

Also, in many cases, things line up for ideal pressure and stimulation — depending upon your anatomy. The key is to talk to your partner, obviously.

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We mentioned that Chantel’s revelation that she deflowered Pedro could actually spell trouble for the two of them.

It’s not that we think that Pedro is a horndog who wants more notches in his belt.

It’s that, well, he allegedly took another gal to pound town … if you believe his sister.

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In the explosive Season 3 trailer, Nicole Jimeno — seeking revenge against Pedro for his fight with her terrible boyfriend — dropped a bombshell.

"Pedro had sex with Coraima," she taunted.

Coraima is a childhood friend of hers who has always thirsted after Pedro, and who has danced very provocatively with him in the past on camera.

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This led to some sort of scuffle or brawl, though the trailer does not spell out all of the details on that.

Could it mean that Pedro either lied to Chantel about his sexual inexperience or, worse, cheated on her?

Alternatively … does Chantel know that Nicole is lying purely because she knows that she is the sole proprietor of Pedro’s penis?