Cameron Boyce Honored by Parents in First Interview Since He Died

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In early July, beloved Disney star Cameron Boyce passed away in his sleep. He was only twenty years old.

Cameron had died of a seizure, despite taking his medication. His family, friends, and fans remain heartbroken and in shock.

Now, for the first time, his grieving parents are giving an interview about their late son's passing.

Cameron Boyce parents on GMA

In an interview with ABC News, Victor Boyce and Libby Boyce are publicly honoring their late son.

What keeps running through their minds is how, mere hours before he died in bed, he was just fine.

"There was no indication that anything was wrong," his parents recall.

"I mean, there was no way to know in hours my son would be dead," they express.

"It was just staggeringly crazy and horrible," htey lament.

Victor recalls: "We were texting that night."

Cameron Boyce, Final Photo

Though Cameron had been treated for epilepsy for years, that particular side of him was not public knowledge before it claimed his life.

"hHe didn't want his epilepsy to define him," Libby explains.

"And it didn't," she and Victor both emphasize.

Cameron is best known for his role on Jesse and for his role on The Descendants.

Beyond that, he is beloved for his dedication to charity work.

Cameron Boyce Image

"He loved life," Libby recalls.

"He was in a place where he was truly happy," she states.

She adds: "I mean, Cameron was always happy, never a negative thing came out of his mouth. Never."

"But," she clarifies. "He was just really finding his groove."

Victor adds: "He was transitioning from being a kid to being a young adult."

Cameron Boyce, Mom

"He was getting into the charity stuff," his parents note.

Cameron was "really getting into what he wanted to do with his voice."

That is something, they point out, "which is what we always told him to do."

"Use your voice, use it to make positive in the world," they advised him.

Cameron's parents lament: "And that's what he was starting to do."

Cameron Boyce Picture

Cameron's personal dedication and passion for charity went noticed by more than just his family.

His good works were so memorable that it earned him honors from beloved First Lady Michelle Obama after his passing.

She posted a tribute recalling those times when she had worked with him -- at the White House, on set, and at a Toys For Tots drive.

Some celebrities engage in charity out of politeness or a sense of obligation or even for social reasons.

For Cameron, it was a passion that helped define the excellence of his character.

Cameron Boyce Photo

As the hosts of Good Morning America point out, Cameron is a good person -- and he came by it naturally.

His parents come across as good people and good parents.

Advising him to carefully choose how he wants to use his voice is some excellent advice -- advice that he took.

Unfortunately, Cameron's goodness compounds the tragedy of his early death -- he could have done so much more for the world.

Our thoughts continue to be with his family as they grieve, mourn, and cope.

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