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Channing Tatum appeared on a Jimmy Kimmel Live segment last night and said some really cruel stuff to a cat.

Wait… what?!? Why?

Even Kimmel himself has trouble really explaining, but Tatum stars in the upcoming Quentin Tarantino movie The Hateful Eight.

He was unable to appear as a guest on the talk show, however, so Kimmel and his staff came up with the next logical idea:

Tatum would hold a kitten and say eight hateful things to it.

And he wouldn’t hold back, either.

"You’re such a piece of s–t," Tatum opens, setting the stage for a barrage of insults.

"Hey, kitten, you smell like garbage and fish, bro," the handsome actor later tells the poor pet.

He also does an impression of the cat… taunts the cat over the dirty place on the cat’s body that he spends all day licking… mocks the cat’s lack of thumbs… flips the cat off… and talks trash over where the cat takes his bowel movements.

We told you: it’s all very, very mean!

It’s also very, very random and totally hilarious.

See for yourself: