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A new horde of celebrities have agreed to read mean Tweets about themselves for a national television audience.

In this latest edition of the beloved Jimmy Kimmel Live segment, featured stars include Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sean Penn, Liv Tyler, Elizabeth Banks, Daniel Radcliffe, Kirsten Dunst and Viola Davis.

As numerous other actors, actresses and singers have done in the past, these famous people simply sit in front of a wall and, well… read mean Tweets about themselves out loud.

It’s simple and yet it’s hilarious, especially when Louis-Dreyfus agrees to "retire" because someone says her "50-year old ass" should do so.

Or when Sean Penn learns he is "full of farts."

Or when Liv Tyler comes across a very creative insult about her father.

Or when Elizabeth Banks is told, quite simply, that she’s a "whore" or when someone dares to call Radcliffe as ugly as an aardvark.

Some other Twitter user is really bothered by Kirsten Dunst’s teeth, while another thinks Julianna Margulies is mighty fine… for an ugly woman.

Bravo to these celebrities for their willingness to laugh over their critics.

And bravo to those critics for hiding behind their computer and writing such ridiculously awesome things about people they do not know.