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This season of Little People, Big World has already seen conflict between Amy and Matt Roloff.

But Caryn Chandler sees another side to the exes … and at times feels like they forget that they’re no longer married.

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"So how did the meeting go?" Caryn asks Matt at the beginning of this sneak peek.

Matt sounds disheartened, and shares that Amy is not exactly all packed up and ready to move.

"She’s got a lot of work," Matt admits. "I honestly left there feeling bad for her."

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"She needs to have a whole team of people pack up stuff," Matt suggests.

"Oh," Caryn remarks in surprise, "there’s stuff?" It sounds like she was just expecting many boxes.

"Everywhere," Matt informs her. "One couch was full of china cups. On the ground was just a sea of vases, candlesticks."

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Caryn asks if Amy seemed embarrassed by her relative lack of progress, but that was not the case.

Instead, Matt characterizes his ex-wife’s attitude as "very defensive" when the subject came up.

He thinks that this is rooted, not in the inherent difficulty of packing and moving, but in feelings and emotional attachments.

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"I know moving off the farm is emotional for Amy," Matt explains to the camera.

He adds: "I’m trying to accomodate her feelings."

It was hard enough for Amy to leave the home where she raised her family. She doesn’t need to be rushed out of the house prematurely.

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"It’s hard for me to witness such a slow process," Matt admits.

Notably, Matt is known to be very impulsive and even impatient, while Amy is methodical.

While Matt’s cheating was probably a bigger issue, this fundamental difference in patience was a major contributor to their marriage falling apart.

Amy Roloff on New Season

"But," Matt says, "I do want to give Amy the time and space that she needs."

That said … he very much feels that there is a ticking clock.

He is already lining up contractors to do work, which means that eventually, Amy will need to be fully moved out.

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“It’s no surprise that Matt will end up managing whatever has to be done," Caryn tells the camera.

She adds: "I have no problem with that."

Caryn then speaks to the ways in which she feels like Matt’s continuing connections to Amy distract from their relationship.

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“I just, not to add another layer onto it. It’s already so much of the farm," Caryn says.

"And we go to Arizona," she continues, "and it kind of takes away from our stuff, which is OK, but to keep adding to it, it just doesn’t seem fair to me.”

She’s not being especially clear there, but her meaning is easy to interpret: she resents Amy’s continued presence in Matt’s life.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler in Arizona
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Matt admits that he plans to "keep nudging that" while being "as delicate as possible" with his ex.

"Sometimes I feel like you’re still married to her," Caryn confesses.

Well, that shouldn’t feel so different, since she was allegedly Matt’s mistress before she became his girlfriend.