Carrie Underwood: Pregnant with Baby #2!

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Right on the heels of an interview coming out in which Carrie Underwood says that it's too late to have more kids, the Country singer took to Instagram to make a stunning, joyous announcement.

Carrie Underwood is pregnant!

You don't have to take our word for it -- check out the video below and see her share the news herself.

Carrie Underwood is Pregnant

Early Wednesday morning, Carrie took to Instagram to share a series of three videos -- which we have merged for your convenience.

Within the videos, Carrie begins by talking about her music and her tour ... and then she gets to the good stuff.

Carrie says: "You might be wondering or asking: 'Carrie, why is your tour starting in May?'"

"Well," Carrie says as the camera pans out, revealing a giant "baby" balloon.

Carrie exclaims: "Yay!"

Carrie Underwood Pregnancy Announcement

She looks so cute presenting the news, too.

"Mike and Isaiah and I are absolutely over the moon," Carrie reveals.

Mike Fisher is of course her husband, while Isaiah is her child.

"And," Carrie cotninues, she and her family are "excited to be adding another little fish to our pond!"

Carrie Underwood Looking Her Best

Carrie has spoken about adoption before and her desire to help other children, but that doesn't mean that another pregnancy is any less of a thrill.

"This has just been a dream come true," Carrie continues.

We're sure that it is!

And she goes out of her way to make it clear that she's excited about more than just her growing family.

"With album and with baby news," Carrie says. "All that stuff."

Carrie Underwood in Bridgestone Arena

Looking at her in the video, it seems very clear that she feels a sense of relief that she can finally talk about this.

"We're just so excited," Carrie gushes.

They should be!

Carrie also thanks her fans for being included in this happy moment.

"And we're so glad that you guys can share in this with us," Carrie says. "And be a part of this with us."

Carrie Underwood at CMAs

Carrie, who already seems to be glowing, can't stop gushing. It's too precious.

"Love you guys!" Carrie says. "We will see you on the road in 2019."

That is when her tour begins -- but not until late spring of 2019.

Overcome with giddiness, Carrie says: "Have a great day!"

She is too precious.

Carrie Underwood and Husband Mike Fisher

In the interview that we mentioned on Tuesday, Carrie suggested that she had missed her window for a large family -- except through adoptions.

At one point, she referred to her "kids" -- when she only has one child, Isaiah.

Because she was talking about the idea of adoption, it seemed like an innocuous incondistency of language that happens to people all of the time when they speak.

Instead, we now know that it was a slip of the tongue -- that Carrie already knew that she was pregnant.

We cannot help but wonder if her slip of the tongue, and the "controversy" of her discussing her age in relation to safely giving birth, in any way prompted her to share this news sooner rather than later.

Either way, major congratulations are in order!

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