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Here comes the bride?

Sort of.

On I Am Cait Season 2 Episode 6, Caitlyn Jenner will truly embrace her inner woman, as the transgender reality star goes wedding dress shopping with her friends…

… and decides to try a gown on for herself.

"Jesus Christ!" Caitlyn screams when she sports herself in the mirror for the first time. "Oh my God, what do you think?"

Her pals absolutely love it, with Ella Giselle even dubbing the look as "flippin stunning," which is an adjective we definitely need to use more often.

Candis Cayne also thinks Jenner "looks great" in the white ensemble.

"I’ve been in three weddings," Caitlyn says in the following sneak peek. "OK with the most boring clothes on in life, OK? Finally I get to wear something comfortable."

Those who watch I Am Cait online or on their television sets this Sunday night at 9/8c will also see Kris Jenner actually pay her ex-husband a visit.

Will they be able to work through their differences? Will they be able to clear the air and end the episode on solid terms?

And who would have ever guessed that Caitlyn Jenner would look so good in a wedding dress?!?