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Though he was rumored to have had some issue’s with his dad’s transition at first, Brody Jenner is now every bit as proud of Caitlyn Jenner as the rest of the world.

Just weeks after we reported that Brody was giving Caitlyn the silent treatment, the 31-year-old radio show host squashed that rumor in a big way.

In a red carpet interview, Brody gushed about Caitlyn, referring to his dad as "incredible" and "an inspiration."

Now, Brody is taking things a step further, saying that he would happily serve as Caitlyn’s wingman, if she were ever in need of some action.

In an interview with Sway on satellite radio this morning Brody was asked if he would assist Caitlyn in finding a date.

"If she needed it [some help], yeah of course," Brody said.

He went on to specify that "Caitlyn likes women" but seems none too thrilled about any further discussion of her sex life.

She is still his parent, after all.