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The Supreme Court may have recently legalized gay marriage around the country, but that hasn’t settled all debate surrounding this issue.

On The View today, tensions ran very high between guest panelist Candace Cameron Bure and co-host Raven-Symone (the latter of whom is gay) once the topic of an Oregon bakery’s decision to refuse service to a lesbian couple was broached.

Said a clearly angry Raven-Symone in response:

“It’s the same exact thing that they did back in the day saying that black people couldn’t do certain things because it’s my ‘religious belief.’"

But Bure saw things differently.

"I don’t think this is discrimination at all," she countered. "This is about freedom of association. It’s about constitutional rights. It’s about First Amendment rights. We do have the right to still choose who we associate with."

The discussion grew more heated from there, with Symone saying at one point she "refuses to associate" with the Full House star right then and there.

Watch the explosive debate above