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For most of her adult life, Britney Spears was extremely limited in what she was allowed to post on social media.

These days, Britney’s conservatorship is over, and she’s finally free to express herself on Instagram.

So despite the fact that she’s been in the public eye since she was 16, in a way, we’re just now getting to know the real Britney.

And fans are loving the fact that this new, unfettered Britney is even more weird and wonderful than the censored version.

Britney in Vegas

Ms. Spears doesn’t have many filters these days, and there are moments where it seems like she’s making up for lost time by showing fans 100 percent of her true self.

When Britney and Sam Asghari got engaged, for example, Spears immediately shared the news with her adoring public.

And when Britney and Sam decided they want to have a baby, she was similarly open about her plans.

Britney on Sam's Birthday

These days, Spears is being as open as ever on Instagram.

But her latest post has fans wondering if she’s experiencing some sort of mental health crisis.

On Monday, Britney shared a post in which she can be seen twerking to Cardi B’s "Up."

There’s nothing terribly unusual about that, of course.

Britney has been sharing topless photos on a regular basis, so her fans certainly aren’t clutching their pearls over this mildly racy video.

But the caption to Spears’ most recent post raised quite a few eyebrows.

"I’m doing online classes in Minneapolis!!!" the pop icon wrote alongside her video.

"Getting a deposit on the gift my Uncle Roy got my cousin because Leroy found a turtle in the drawer and the fucking car went into flames because the tire busted on the highway so the police saved my aunt who always SERVES PIE!!!" she continued.

Yeah, your guess is as good as ours with regard to what Britney is trying to say here.

Britney Is on Vacation

Spears used to communicate with fans via coded captions back in her conservatorship days.

But it doesn’t seem like that’s what she’s doing here.

For one thing, in both the video and the caption, Brit seemed to be in a lighthearted, jovial mood.

Britney With a Rose

And earlier that same day, Brit was feeling similarly goofy when she paid tribute to Robert DeNiro by posting a clip from the actor’s 1973 Martin Scorsese collaboration Mean Streets.

"I believe he’s the best actor who has ever lived … and YO he’s still living !!!" Spears wrote before sharing an anecdote about her favorite insult.

"I shouldn’t say this because it’s not really classy but when I used to argue with people a very long time ago my favorite word to use was unfortunately the last 2 words in this video … F-CK FACE !!! I know that’s absolutely horrible … forgive me father !!! 

Britney Spears, Post-Dance

So yeah, our guess is that Britney is just enjoying the fact that she can finally share her eccentric side with fans.

In all likelihood, she’s in a much more stable place now than she was at this time last year.

And we’re of the opinion that fans should just enjoy it right along with her — even if they don’t totally understand everything she posts!