Britney Spears: I'm in Charge of My Own Social Media!

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There have been a lot of questions lately about the level of Britney Spears' personal freedom under her father's conservatorship.

One major point of contention among fans and the Free Britney movement is the widely held belief that she can't even make her own social media posts.

On Tuesday, Britney took to Instagram with a video to shut down that rumor for good. ... Maybe.

Britney Spears says that she posts her own videos

Britney shared a video of herself modeling clothing, posing, dancing, and listening to Rihanna's "Man Down" at home.

She follows that fun video with a selfie in an off-the-shoulder white blouse, and then with a shorter video, which we have included in this post.

"For those of you who don't think I post my own videos," Britney begins her new video.

"I did this video yesterday," she says, referring to the glimpse at her dancing.

"So you're wrong," Britney says gently. "But I hope you like it."

Britney Spears at-home dances in May 2019

This news comes as such a relief to her fans!

For years, and especially for these last few months, it has been circulated that Britney does not make her own social media posts.

Many fear that she cannot even access her own accounts -- that it's all "handled."

In fact, it is still widely believed that Britney's conservatorship includes a stipulation that she not have her own phone.

It's certainly wonderful to hear Britney, in her own voice, assure fans that she gets to post her own media.

... Or is it?

Britney Spears Models an Off-the Shoulder White Blouse

There are still real fears that, due to the power that her father wields over her life, Britney might be encouraged to make statements like this against her will.

We all know that celebrities can make statements that they don't really mean.

(Just look at Game of Thrones actors telling various cameras that Season 8 is great; it's like a compilation of hostage videos)

Did her father instruct her to make this video to throw her own supporters off of the scent?

Or, worse, is this Britney quashing rumors (or trumors) about herself in a desperate bid to prove that she can make her own life choices?

Britney Spears' At-Home Fashion Show

But let's take a step back from worries, doubts, and conspiracy theories for a moment.

If we don't know the truth, doesn't it make a little more sense to err on the side of believing the words that Britney says with her own voice?

As we have mentioned before, she has a lot of loved ones who would happily go to bat for her if she asked them to.

If he sister or her boyfriend gives an interview about how she's being "held against her will" or whatever, we'd be the first to cry "Free Britney!"

But until then, the simplest thing is to believe Britney's own words over rumors and suspicions.

Britney Spears Looks Adorable in Yellow

Instead of worrying about what is, for the moment, unknowable, let's look on the bright side.

Britney is alive, healthy, and beautiful.

There are also unconfirmed rumors that Britney is planning to surprise fans with a comeback single in just a few days.

She has two amazing, talented sons.

She also has an unnecessarily handsome boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Britney With Sam

There are some very valid concerns about Britney's conservatorship, which has dragged on for 11 long years.

Did you know that it was initially only supposed to last for a few days?

While we don't advocate harassing Britney or treating her like a meme, we don't think that a little scrutiny of the conservatorship would hurt.

There are a lot of people saying that, even if Britney needs a conservatorship for whatever reason, her father is not the best person to maintain it.

Hopefully, her loved ones and the courts will make sure that all of the power rests with the right people.

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