Britney Spears Goes Nude, Celebrates Victory in Paradise with Sam Asghari

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On Wednesday, fans across the world rejoiced as a judge suspended Jamie Spears from Britney's conservatorship.

Britney Spears is free - or, at least, much freer than she has been after his long-awaited courtroom victory.

The beloved national treasure and fiance Sam Asghari are celebrating this triumph on an island paradise.

And there's no better way to celebrate than in the nude, as Britney so aptly demonstrates in these joyous photos.

Britney Spears Goes Topless in the Ocean

If you're feeling free, you might as well dress like it!

In this case, undress.

Britney Spears is showing off her incredible body on social media because, hey, no one can stop her.

Britney Spears nude in paradise with pink emojis 01

Obviously, Instagram has infamous policies in place that prevent full nudity (butts are okay, though).

So in some of the photos, Britney is wearing barely-there bikini bottoms.

In others, the only thing that she is "wearing" is a set of tiny pink censorship emojis edited onto her photos before uploading.

Britney Spears Flashes the Ocean

Britney isn't just a beloved singer; she is also one of the most talented and mesmerizing performers on the planet.

At 39 years old, she has the incredible body to prove it.

And, for that matter, she has all of these photos to prove it, too.

Britney Spears kneels in the ocean

Britney also included some short video to convey the depths of her celebratory mood.

While playing "Cream" by Prince and the New Power Generation, we first see an infinity pool that overlooks a tropical beach.

The video then switches to Britney and Sam riding a boat across the crystal blue water.

Britney Spears is Topless in Paradise

We can also see Britney enjoying the dazzling ocean water while wearing just a pair of red bikini bottoms and nothing else.

During the video, we can also hear Britney quip "Awww, you shouldn't have."

That of course is a famous line from "Oops ... I did it again." An absolute classic.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari on a speedboat

It's so cute to get this glimpse into Britney and Sam's happiness.

For five years, they have not been able to live their lives quite like a normal adult couple might.

The conservatorship, created and run by her widely reviled father for nearly 14 years now, has curtailed many of Britney's human rights.

Britney Spears nude in paradise with pink emojis 02

Some might question why she's so dang interested in being naked on Instagram.

First of all, we'd remind everyone that we don't know what conversations or behind-the-scenes rules may have been in place.

Britney's recent social media nudity may something that she's doing because she can finally do so without fear of reprisal.

Britney Spears nude in paradise with pink emojis 03

But we should also keep in mind that Britney and specifically her body have been under intense, relentless scrutiny since she was a minor.

Seriously, she was a teenager, still too young to vote, and grown adults were focusing upon her body, how much skin was showing, and whether she had had sex.

Britney rose to fame during the era when the media demanded that young women be extremely slender, show a massive amount of skin, and loudly proclaim that they were virgins.

Britney Spears rolls in the ocean

One of the benefits of social media and the age of selfies is that people can claim a little more ownership over their image.

We have all seen how amazing and therapeutic this has been for many, especially women and girls, despite the downsides of the social media landscape.

We can only imagine how much more profound being able to choose which photos of her are seen by the world is for Britney.

Britney Spears nude in paradise with pink emojis 04

For so many years, Britney had no control over when or how she was photographed or who saw those images.

In fact, there were so many times when those around her micromanaged even her hairstyle, knowing that she would be photographed while running errands.

Britney is celebrating her freedom, and so are the rest of us. Free Britney and free the nipple.

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