Brie Larson GUSHES Over Nick Viall, Would Probably Marry The Bachelor

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According to various The Bachelor spoilers, Nick Viall will not propose to Brie Larson next week.

This is mostly because the Oscar-winning actress is not a contestant on Season 21.

Based on the following interview with Jimmy Kimmel, however, it sounds as if Larson may very well say "Yes" if Viall ever were to get down on one knee in her presence.

He may want to keep that in mind.

Brie Larson at Movie Premiere

Appearing as a guest last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Larson could barely contain her excitement while sharing a story about the time Viall actually attended one of her Bachelor viewing parties.

(Yes, Brie Larson hosts Bachelor viewing parties. We. Love. Her.)

Having heard about these get-togethers through a friend, Viall stopped by Larson's house the night after this year's Academy Awards.

"He was really cool about it but we were all really nervous," Larson explained, confirming that Viall actually stuck around to watch the latest episode.

"He came with his best friend so we thought it was gonna be like fine and we always kinda gather an hour before the show starts so we can sort of catch up, drink some red wine.

"So he came for that part and I figured he would just leave afterwards."

But... nope!

"He stayed until the very end," she said. "The second it was over, I mean, the second it was over, he turned to me and was like, 'I need a Lyft now.'

"So I had to call him a Lyft. And he had such a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

"I was just so nervous. I don't think I said anything to him the whole time because I just was like hiding, like taking photos and sending them to Amy Schumer, being like, 'Uh, why did this happen? I'm too scared, I'm too shy.'"

(Yes, Brie Larson is friends with Amy Schumer. We. Love. Her.)

A Viall Selfie

Larson is pretty famous at this point. She's met quite a few celebrities.


"I got freaked out and star-stuck," Larson told Kimmel on Wednesday, adding:

"The day before, I was like hugging Meryl Streep and I was like, 'This is fine,' But then Nick showed up at my house."

Amazing. Hilarious.

Check out the full interview with Larson below:

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